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Vortext Generator under wing Vortext Generator

Engineered for a Quiet Approach

Supercraft has been contracted to manufacture vortex generators for Airbus A320 aircraft. The purpose of the vortex generator is to eliminate annoying wailing tones produced by aircraft during their final approach and have resulted in a reduction of total noise by up to two decibels. The A320 has four circular openings on the underside of each wing to vent pressure in the under-wing fuel tanks. During final approach annoying wailing tones are caused by air flowing over the vents - like blowing across the mouth of a bottle. The vortex generator creates a vortex in front of the vent to prevent the noise.

The vortex generator is the result of research using microphone systems to record the noise generated by an Airbus wing. The device was developed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Lufthansa, who have just taken delivery of the first Airbus A320 fitted with noise-reducing vortex generators. All new Lufthanser A320-family aircraft will have the modification, and existing aircraft already in service will be retrofitted. The under-wing vent openings can be found on the underside of each wing of the A319, A320 and A321, and with over 3000 A320 aircraft in operation, a quiet approach is on the horizon for many who live under the flight path.

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