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Supercraft Byfleet Facility and Head Office

Byfleet Engineering Facility and Head Office


Supercraft, established in 1982, retains a head office and 48,000 sq ft engineering facility in Byfleet, Surrey, employs over 130 skilled staff and has facilities available to carry out most engineering, fabrication, assembly, heat treatment, surface treatment, testing and inspection procedures on site. Supercraft quality is endorsed by an extensive range of industry approvals and NADCAP accreditation in accordance with SAE Aerospace Standard AS7003 for non-destructive testing, chemical processing and heat treatment, together with AS9100 aerospace quality assurance for operations management.

Supercraft Brough Facility

Brough - Inside the workshop


Our Brough facility is sited in the Humber Enterprise Zone, and currently employs 44+ staff. The primary focus of operation is manufacture of pipes and ducts for Airbus, BAE Systems and subject to approval, Agusta Westland. The site has facilities for pipe bending, welding, finishing and testing. The Eaton Leonard Laservision Tube data center allows jobs to be set up in a digital environment before being sent to the CNC pipe benders. The Laservision is also employed for inspection and correction of pipe bends to ensure tight tolerances are adhered to.

Supercraft Organisation Chart

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Supercraft Organisation

The Supercraft Organisation Chart shows how the company is structured across both Byfleet and Brough sites.


  • NADCAP Conformance Assessment
    NADCAP certificates

    Prior to Nadcap, aerospace customers audited suppliers to their own process requirements to verify compliance. As supplier processes provided to a multitude of customers were often similar or identical, these duplicate audits were redundant and simply added to everyone´s workload, without adding value. For the aerospace prime contractors, conducting their own audits similarly meant duplication of effort, redundant audits, unnecessary administration and, ultimately, higher cost for no added value.

    Nadcap is the result of an industry-managed approach to conformity assessment that brings together technical experts from both Industry and Government to establish requirements for accreditation, accredit suppliers and define operational program requirements. This results in a standardised approach to quality assurance and a reduction in redundant auditing throughout the aerospace industry.

    Supercraft have a range of Nadcap accreditation to cover Heat Treatment, Chemical Processing and Non-Destructive Testing. The accreditations are being continually augmented and new accreditation is being sought for our Brough site.
    Please contact us  for the latest details.

  • BSI AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management
    BSI 9100 Certificate

    AS9100 - A Licence to Trade

    It is often a requirement of aerospace customers that you implement a quality management system. It also independently demonstrates that you have an operation management system accepted by the aerospace industry. AS9100/ISO9001 is the recognised standard of quality and risk management and is an essential part of achieving a trading licence in the aerospace sector.

    The AS9100 Aerospace Standard has been developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). AS9100 provides international consistency and addresses the specific regulatory, safety and reliability requirements demanded by the aerospace sector. In order to navigate the many regulations of the aerospace industry, full compliance with AS 9100 (BS EN 9100) must be achieved.

    AS9100 is used and supported by the world´s leading aerospace companies and throughout the supply chain. Supercraft have made the investment to qualify for AS9100, assuring customers with confidence that a high quality and risk management system is in place. By qualifying for AS9100, Supercraft are included in the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) database.

    Scope of Approval - Byfleet

    Precision machining, sheet metal fabrication and pipe bending, welding and brazing of equipment, sub-assemblies, details and components, including heat treatment of aluminium alloys, alochrom, chromic acid anodizing, painting, mechanical and electrical conductivity testing, material hardness and tensile testing, fluorescent dye penetrant (NDT), pressure testing and adhesive bonding of metals to customer requirements for the defence and aerospace industries.

    Scope of Approval - Brough

    Pipe forming and duct manufacture including, fabrication, swaging, pipe flushing, welding, brazing, NDT and testing to customer requirements for the defence and aerospace industries.

  • Customer Compliance Certification

    Individual customers have their own compliance standards that supplement the Nadcap conformance assessments. Supercraft are proud of the extensive list of prime customer certification that is regularly audited and extended with new approvals.
    Please contact us  for the latest details.

    Customer Certificate Reference
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    BAE/AG/10354MAA - Part 1 subcontractor

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    SQA\Sco\SCT\1102 - VC 1689 - SQA01 (Cowes)

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    JG220806-1 - VC 8018 - MASQA (Structures)

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    7006021 - PS-06-10 (Goodrich Power)

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    RAIFSAS/Part1/0414 - VC SUP01

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