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Airbus A320 production increase to 46 per month

Airbus A320 production line in Toulouse, France

Lift-off for Supercraft in Brough

New contracts from Airbus are set to keep the 65,000 sq ft Brough site in East Yorkshire, busy into the future. As a result of the A320 family’s continued popularity, Airbus recently announced an increase in production for the A320:

“Based on the healthy market outlook for our best-selling A320 family and following a comprehensive assessment of our supply chain’s readiness to ramp-up, we are ready to go to rate 46 by Q2 2016,” said Tom Williams, Executive Vice President Programmes - Airbus.

Supercraft, as a tier one supplier, work directly with Airbus to fabricate pipe and duct for the wings of the Airbus aircraft. With an increase in production for the A320 and introduction of the new Airbus A350 XWB, demand will be strong for manufactures who can supply aircraft components to precise specification, and deliver to production lines that are in continuous operation.

Supercraft Brough Pipe Bending

Inside the workshop - NC controlled pipe bending

The wings for all Airbus civil aircraft, including the new A350 XWB, are assembled in Broughton, Wales. Producing over 1,000 wings a year, the site employs more than 6,000 people. After assembly at Broughton, the wings are transported by road and then by river craft to Mostyn harbour, where they are loaded onto a custom-built roll-on, roll-off ferry for the trip to France.

Time Critical Work Flow

Time critical work flow

Quality is assurred and competitive pricing is a necessity. However dependable supply of components into a time critical work flow is paramount.

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Measuring Up

Measuring Up

Accurate measuring equipment is employed to verify components are manufactured within precise tolerance specification.

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